The name Dolphin Capital is world renowned for the preservation, development and international trade of listed buildings in Germany. The decades of experience used to harmoniously balance the strict regulations for the protection of historic buildings along with the requirements of modern living comfort have established the international reputation of the Dolphin Group. Expertise, experience and profound knowledge of the market are among the successful factors of corporate activity as a future-conscious sustainability. This applies in particular to the long-term harmony of the projects and objects within the environment and society. As a real estate company, Dolphin designs living and therefore social structures. This applies to new construction as well as to the conservation, restoration and modernisation of monuments steeped in history. Dolphin sets trends in urban and suburban structures, preserving cultural and historical references and embedding them into living processes of the present. These concepts are developed in cooperation with those who create these processes. High demands on the quality of proven modern construction and materials, the sense of historical architecture and attention to detail complement the sustainable development strategy of Dolphin.